Tangalle is a thriving and pleasant fishing port situated on one of Sri Lanka’s finest bays, protected from the ocean by an enclosing reef. The town has remnants of its Dutch colonial heritage.

Last House

This charming 5 bedroom boutique hotel was Geoffrey Bawa’s last project. Situated on a secluded stretch of Mawella beach, in typical Bawa style it seamlessly blends the indoors and outdoors.

Mulkirigala Rock Temple

The complex of seven cave temples situated in five terraced areas can be accessed comfortably through well paved granite paths and steps going right up to the top terrace. It originates from the 3rd century BC but the remaining temples date back to Kandyan era. Its many cave paintings  depict magnificent examples of Kandyan era arts and crafts.

Galle Fort

Enter through its imposing stone bastions and step back in time. The construction of the fort began with the Portuguese in the 16th century, expanded by the Dutch in the 17th century and consolidated by the British in the 19th century. Covering 52 hectares it contains 500 houses within its broad grey, granite walls. There are two main gates one of which contains the Dutch coat of arms on one side and the British on the other. The cobbled streets are lined with houses from the Dutch and British periods with some art deco masterpieces. Some of its highlights include the Dutch Reformed Church, the National Maritime Museum and the Old Dutch Hospital. It suffered some damage in the 2004 tsunami but it has now been restored to its former glory and is listed as a World Heritage Site.

Handunugoda Tea Plantation

This 140 year old  estate covers 200 acres of which 75 acres are planted with tea. The balance of the plantation is rubber, cinnamon and coconut. The estate is not a mass producer of tea. Handunugoda makes very small quantities of the choicest teas, winning international recognition. Handunugoda produces the famous ‘Virgin White Tea’, a tea untouched by hand which has attracted attention from tea enthusiasts all over the world.



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